At The Square Peg Coach we recognise that you are completely unique.

Your life should be a reflection of all that lights you up.

We provide strategies, coaching, and retreats to help you really focus on your life right now.

You can then create a whole new palette of possibilities.

We give you the space to imagine your perfect life and the tools to go out and create it.

I found a quote which distilled all of our coaching aims into 1 beautiful sentence:

Tired of trying to cram her sparkly star-shaped self into society’s beige square holes, she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova she was meant to be ~ UNKNOWN

Unknown? Surely not. Determined to find out who wrote this, I discovered the amazing art and quotations of Erica Kathleen. (I’d love you to check out her website ericakathleen.com)

It described with precision what I’d discovered 15 years earlier.

As a secondary school teacher going on maternity leave for the first time, I was offered the opportunity to train as a coach. My LIGHT BULB MOMENT. I coached many successful women and quickly realised they were successful on someone else’s terms. Brilliant women not doing THEIR OWN THING. SQUARE PEGS in round holes.

When they were given the opportunity to release the need to strive for a goal that wasn’t theirs, MAGIC happened.

So, if you want to live a more mindful life, fly a plane, live in Thailand, write a book or simply look at your life and see where you’re at, we’re here to help.

About Sarah

Marathon running mum of teenagers

Writer of stories

Guitar player

Would be traveller (I’m working on that one)

Hi. I love that you’ve found us.

I’m Sarah and I want you to know that your uniqueness is your strength.

I loved my job teaching secondary pupils until I had my own children and then something happened.

Every day seemed like a compromise, treading water until I could be at home with my family.

I didn’t realise there was an alternative until I was offered a place on one of the UK’s first life coaching courses.

A light was switched on. I was working with other women with successful careers who felt the same. To the outside world they seemed to have everything sorted but to many of them, they were living a parent’s or some other person’s idea of perfection or had stumbled into their lives without much direction.

They all had one thing in common, they knew it was time to do something different.

Once they realised they could navigate life according to their terms, things started to change.

I found a career I loved, where I could make a huge difference and the rest is history.

Take a look around the site. Come to one of our half day workshops, delve deep on a four-month coaching journey or indulge yourself with like-minded women on a one day retreat in beautiful surroundings.

Message me and we can begin a conversation about the start of your beautiful life.

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